Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When Katherine was a baby we were all in awe of the calm little being that was our second daughter. I would sit on the couch and watch Katherine watch the ceiling and think how Caroline would never have done that. Rob's parents would talk about how they finally had a mellow grandchild for while they loved the first three each was a bundle of energy both physically and emotionally. But not Katherine we all thought. Katherine was our 'yes girl', the one who would just go with the flow. I can remember worrying that Caroline was going to walk all over her.

And then she turned three. I had heard that for many children the terrible twos really didn't start until three so I figured I was in for a rough year and then we would get our mellow little girl back. Well, we're a few months in to four and our seas have not gotten any calmer.

In fact, the other day I heard Katherine running around the house shouting, "O.N!" "O.N!" It only took me a few moments to realize what she meant. While she can say her favorite word with conviction, it seems like maybe we need to practice it's spelling...


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