Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Worked

We have read and read and read to the girls over the years. Not only do I love children's literature but I know professionally that reading aloud to children will work wonders in creating independent readers. Caroline began reading in earnest this year and I'm now thinking that Katherine may not be far behind. I was reminded of how strong her book knowledge was last night as I was telling her a bedtime story. For a few months now, she has requested that I tell a story after our books...

Last night, I was telling the story of a little girl named Chloe who went bowling for the first time with three of her friends. Katherine asked me which friend was the best bowler and because I was tired, all I could come up with for a response was "I don't know." My weak attempt failed when Katherine said, "But you do know. It's your story." As I was recovering with silence from her wise comment, she continued. "The best bowler should be Chloe because she's the main character."

Maybe tonight I will turn the story telling over to Katherine...


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