Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Your Mind

Today I had scheduled a hair appointment for the girls at 3:15pm in a town that is fifteen minutes away from school where I pick up at 3pm. I knew this was ambitious when I did it but I really thought it would work. Caroline's class is always the first one out and if we didn't linger long to chit chat we'd make it very close to on time. Anyone paying attention can guess what happened next. Caroline's class was later than ever before- so late that I went into the building to get her. As we were struggling along the thin sidewalks covered with puddles of melting snow, I kept nagging the girls along. The phrase, "Hurry! We're going to be late!" may have been uttered once or twice and it's possible that my voice got louder each time they lolly gagged.

When we finally got in the car with five minutes to make a fifteen minute drive none of our moods were good. I continued to vent and complain until Caroline said, "It's not my fault you know. You could have just gotten frustrated in your mind."

I remember my dad telling me time and time again to count to ten before I spoke. I think I may now remember simply to say what I need to say in my mind. Both strategies could help to avoid a lot of aggravation.


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