Monday, May 5, 2008


Caroline is back to her famous 5:45 am wake up time. As hard as we try, this seems to be when her body is wired to wake. We are coming off our longest, later waking trend in her four and three quarter year long life- we played around with lots of different times after 6am and even toyed around with a few 7s. She is getting so much older that I actually had the audacity to think (or dare I say, the audacity to hope...) that this might be it- maybe we would finally be rising with the rest of the world- maybe I really wouldn't have three hours to fill before pre-school started.

Well, as Katherine now likes to say, "Silly Mommy!" We are back to 5:45am wake ups. And with this early rising, comes mean mommy. I become the cranky, short tempered, 'did I really just say that to my child', 'am I really yelling at 6:06am' mommy- the mommy I promised I would never be. The problem is simple- I am wired to wake at 7am. Just like years of trying everything hasn't made Caroline wake any later, years of practice have not make me any more pleasant before 7am.

Today, though, Caroline may have fixed the problem- not by sleeping later but by producing another one of her classic comments. As I was laying on the couch trying as hard as I could to muster some enthusiasm to complete an art project at 6:25am, she said something. She said, "I wish I could have Katherine's life and she could have mine. So that you would yell at her for waking up early instead of me."

How unfair. How unfair that Caroline may well remember lots of yelling in her childhood while Katherine will remember mostly laughing. All because Caroline's internal alarm clock is set to an earlier time than Katherine's. How unfair...


At May 6, 2008 at 11:10 PM , Blogger CHEFDRUCK said...

I can't believe that you can do art projects at 6am. You are my hero. My inspiration. I am utterly serious. Before 7AM, I cannot even remember to push down the toaster button for the frozen waffles.


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