Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Really Good Job

Yesterday I took the girls to a new pediatrician.

After moving a year ago, I still wasn't in love with our pediatric practice and the doctor I liked the most, left. I decided I needed to start looking for a new doctor. I kept hearing about The Whole Child Center. First, I read about it in the newspaper. Then I learned about it from a post-partum doula that I know. Then I had a friend tell me that the director of this new practice had been her child's pediatrician forever and she loved him. It seemed that I needed to check it out.

The doctors in the practice are committed to treating the whole child (hence the name) and to focusing on a more holistic and integrative approach to pediatrics. For example, when I discussed Katherine's constipation issues with the doctor yesterday, she suggested I try flaxseed oil. I know my prior pediatrician would have written me a prescription. I'm all for trying the natural remedy first.

Another aspect of the practice that I like is their approach to vaccinations. As a speech pathologist, I have read and understand the oodles of scientific research supporting the safety of vaccines. As a mom, I know I hold my breath every time that needles goes into the girl's arms- and not because I'm afraid they are going to cry. The Whole Child Center believes in vaccinating but on a modified schedule. This is what I have done myself- it just seems like a good compromise. The difference now will be that I won't have to ask my doctor's special permission to do so. Last spring, I spent 10 minutes explaining that I wasn't going to let them give Caroline 4vaccines in one day. It will be good to save that time.

Now, this post wasn't meant to be a ringing endorsement of the Whole Child Center but rather a ringing endorsement of Katherine. During her two and half year check up yesterday, the doctor asked if Katherine had any family history of thyroid problems. She does so the doctor manually checked her thyroid gland. She said it felt enlarged and given the history, she would just like to run a blood test. The doctor said that they do draw blood in the office but usually they send the little bitty ones out to the lab. Knowing my daughter, I asked if they would be willing to try it in the office.

Katherine was so amazing- they drew two viles of blood with out a peep.

When we got home, Rob said, "Katherine, I heard you did a really good job at the doctor's today."

She looked right up at him and said, "I did a really, really, really good job, Daddy."

Indeed she did!


At October 22, 2008 at 2:45 PM , Blogger Feener said...

WOW to both the doc and the kid. that doc office sounds like a gosh darn dream. i am wondering if they have anything like that in the monmouth county area. are they under your insurance as well or is that a problem ????


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