Monday, September 29, 2008


So I usually write very nice things about Rob on this blog. Rob really is a great guy who helps out around the house far more than most other husbands I know. All that said two things have happened recently that just need to be aired...

1. This weekend, I had some work to do so Rob offered to play with the girls while I worked. Lovely, right? Does more than the average husband, right? Except that while he did play for quite a long time, he also managed to take a nap on the couch while the girls played on their own, not interrupting him. Really?

2. And then, Monday morning, Rob was sitting at his computer drinking his coffee and watching a clip from Saturday Night Live. I said something implying my jealousy over his ability to watch SNL while I was busy working to get our day going in the kitchen. Rob replied, "Well, I have to do something while I drink my coffee?" Really?

I decided to make a list of what I did while I drank my coffee yesterday: wash breakfast dishes, pack lunch box, fill waters, change Katherine's diaper, wipe down the counters, check e-mail, vacuum kitchen floor.

Somehow, I never did manage to sneak in that SNL clip. Maybe I can do that while I make dinner. Really.


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