Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Smart girl

Our family went to the most wonderful birthday party this weekend.

The birthday girl was turning 4 and the theme was princesses and pirates. There was a large guest list and an elaborate plan. There were arts and crafts, games, a treasure hunt and yummy food. There were even hand sewn princess costumes. And wands. And tiaras. The grown up company was great and all the kids had a fantastic time. Really not much more you could ask for... except learning that your child has what it takes...

One of the games was musical chairs. Because the party throwers had left no stones unturned, however, there would be no tears among this preschool population. No one would walk away without a prize. If you were the one left without a chair when the music stopped, you would walk a hand made plank, into a blanket of water and claim your princess or pirate prize from a basket. The children played a few rounds before the dad reminded the children of the rules. No chair=a prize.

I watched the next round with pride. Children fought over chairs, running, screaming, pushing gently. Caroline stood a foot from a chair and just stared at it. The dad pointed out the chair to her and I swear she looked over her shoulder and whistled. You could almost hear her saying, "Chair, what chair?" A second later a little guy, ran in front of Caroline and snagged her chair. He looked triumphant as did she.

One walk of the plank later and the princess diary was hers.


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