Monday, September 15, 2008


So I somehow forgot to post about our first day of school. We began school last Monday and continued a slow phase in for the rest of the week. Today both girls spent their full amount of time at school.

Last Monday, though, was the first time that both girls would be going to school. Caroline had been so anxious to get back and Katherine could hardly believe that she would actually be going to school herself. When we talked about school, Katherine kept saying "my school?" as if she couldn't believe her luck.

I somehow managed to get us all ready early. Yes... even though we wake up at the crack of dawn around here, I am often late getting out the door. We were so early, in fact, that I figured we could take first day of school pictures before we left. Apparently, I have a 'one in/one out' policy at work in my brain. I brought the camera which meant I left the keys. At 8:40 we were standing in the front yard with no keys and twenty minutes to get to school. Rob was in the city (which means it would really be hours before he could be home) and my mother-in-law was 20 minutes away, not exactly sure where the key was.

We ran across the street to the one neighbor who had a key. I couldn't see any cars in her driveway so I was certain that I was going to quickly be out of options. Thank goodness, our neighbor was home and a crisis averted but it was close...

I am so glad that the girls did not miss their first day of school because Mom locked them out of the house!


At September 16, 2008 at 9:20 PM , Blogger sara said...

this reminds me of my own post about the first day of school ... forgotten keys, ceiling leak ... i guess we should just be glad we have fodder for our blogs. :)


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