Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last weekend, I finally crossed Halloween off our list. The girls had been pouring over catalogs for weeks. They would choose a new favorite on each page. Or Caroline would decide that she just wanted to be a bumble bee like she was last year because a bee is yellow.

Last weekend, Caroline found a Barbie cheerleading costume that was just the ugliest thing I had ever seen. I had a brainstorm that the girls could be University of Richmond cheerleaders and as least be cute. The ordering process was much more difficult than it needed to be and the costumes were not inexpensive but I was done. Checked off. Ready for October 31st.

You can guess where this is going...

The costumes arrived tonight. Caroline loved hers and proceeded to run around the house, pom pom in hand.

Katherine looked at the costume and said, "No. Elmo. Elmo on my feet. Elmo on my head. Elmo on my tummy. Elmo"

I guess she wants to be Elmo...


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