Thursday, September 4, 2008

Responsibility Project

For a long time now, I have been struggling with the commercial side of blogging. I have been accepting review copies of books, games, towels- you name it- and then wimping out. I started my blog to keep an on-line journal for my family. Not to post reviews. In this world of blogging, however, there are also many great opportunities to meet and get to know lots of great people. Many who did not know you before you began blogging. Many of these people come to blogs by way of reviews and give aways.

I can't fight the trend any longer so I came up with a pretty simple solution- two blogs. One for my life and one for my reviews. I have been waiting to launch Love Bug Reviews until I can get it looking pretty (with the fantastic help of Shera at Sweet n' Simple Design) and until I can finish a post summarizing all the great stuff I have received over the past month.

Recently though, I was invited by the great women at Mom Central to blog about Liberty Mutual's Responsibility Project. This is such a noble endeavor that it seemed worth discussing on both of my blogs. A while back, Liberty Mutual ran a television ad along the lines of the movie, Pay it Forward. They received such positive feedback that they launched a campaign to help teach children the importance of personal responsibility.

The site includes a blog full of interesting discussions, videos for children and parents to watch together and discussion questions. Caroline and I watched two of the videos together- The Lighthouse and Dinner for Two. Each highlighted the wonderful things that can happen when people come together to solve a problem. Both videos contained next to no dialogue which enabled us to talk about what was going on in each of the stories. I have also been able to refer back to the films when the girls have had disagreements this week- needless to say, as the long days of summer draw to a close, I have had plenty of opportunities to discuss personal responsibility!

Part of the Responsibility Project site reads: "We believe the more people think and talk about responsibility, the more the world becomes a better place." Hard to argue with, right?


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