Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Jersey Moms Blog

IMPORTANT EDIT: I don't think I can edit a New Jersey Moms post once it's up so I have to just put my edits up here- a closely reading reader called me out on two really important things... 1. Caroline turned 5 in July not August :) 2. I didn't clearly explain in this post that Caroline will do her Kindergarten year at her Montessori school- for those not familiar with the Montessori curriculum, they provide a three year cycle that includes a full day kindergarten program. It is quite typical for children to finish out a Montessori program with kindergarten and then go on to their public school for first grade. I am actually not a huge fan of holding children back unless it is really necessary so we will certainly send Caroline on to first grade next year.

I have a new post up on New Jersey Moms Blog. It is a topic I imagine I will revist often in the year to come... schools. Click here to read about my current dilemma.


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