Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have always known that Caroline and I are extremely similar and we now have a new example- a shared love of homework.

Caroline is having a bit of a tougher transition to school than we had expected. She is loving the Extended Day portion of her Montessori day. The curriculum for this part of the day is a kindergarten curriculum and she can't get enough. Most schools in our area continue to use a half day kindergarten model so her afternoon is spent in a Montessori primary classroom. This class is multi age with children ranging in age from 3 to 6. Academics are tailored to the specific child. She has adored this same class, in the past so we are still trying to solve the mystery of her dislike this year. For future reference, her afternoon class is called the 'Orange Class.'

Yesterday, Caroline came bounding out of school holding a black plastic box, shouting, "I have the Mystery Sound Box!" In Extended Day, the children take turns bringing this box home. They must find an object that matches a given letter sound and write three clues that will enable their classmates to guess what object they have brought to school. She was beaming. She had real, big girl homework.

On the drive home, I asked her how things went in afternoon. She replied, "I was so excited to bring home the Mystery Sound Box, that I forgot to have a bad time in the Orange Class!"

Nothing like a little homework to resolve your dissatisfaction!


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