Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween, Part II

Halloween is driving me nuts. A few weeks ago, I wrote this post. Silly me to think that I had Halloween all set...

Last week, Katherine's Elmo costume arrived and it was huge. We returned it and orderd another. Elmo arrived again today. As we were attempting to try the costume on, Katherine began running laps around our house. This is a new trick for her but one she pulls out of her hat often. The Elmo costume came equipped with a little button that made Elmo laugh. I pushed it, thinking Katherine would be so intrigued, that she would come running. Again, silly me...

She was terrified. Instant tears. Lots of shouting. "Elmo, too small!!", she kept shouting. I suppose she realized that when Elmo was too big, he got put in the box and sent away. By the end of the evening, Katherine was refusing to take off her cheerleader costume.

Go figure and stay tuned.


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