Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the Season

Last weekend was spent diving deep into the holiday spirit.
We began with the lighting of the Ridgewood Christmas tree. Unfortunately our camera froze so we have no pictures but it was a fun night- a neighborhood tradition that is a first for us. As we were talking about going, Caroline said, "Now doesn't that sound a bit too chaotic for someone in our family?" And she wasn't talking about herself! I guess that's why we've been here for three years and this is our first tree lighting. It was one of those events that was a ton of fun to be at but also a ton of fun to be home from...
Saturday we got our tree on a freezing day. At first, we were a bit afraid that we had brought Charlie Brown's tree home but it settled nicely. And the day ended with our annual visit to Santa. Each year, Katherine has refused to sit with the big man so I have been in the Santa picture with the girls. The only thing that has changed this year is that Katherine is now so big that I can hide behind her in the annual Santa picture. Look closely and you'll see that I still got to visit St. Nick. When he asked me what I wanted I should have told him that I wanted a year of not being in a picture with him!


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