Saturday, October 30, 2010


Earlier this week, I had the chance to see the powerful and important documentary, Race to Nowhere.

Director Vicki Abeles, motivated by the stress and anxiety felt by her own children, has started a nationwide conversation about the pressure filled society in which we are raising our children. The stories and statistics presented were truly depressing. I walked away from the film knowing that I had to do something. I have disagreed with the culture of schools since the passage of No Child Left Behind and this film gave me all the information that I need to start my own personal revolution. Fortunately, many others agree with me and we will be showing Race to Nowhere in Ridgewood soon.

As the week progressed, I have paid careful attention to the girls. I have given them time and opportunity to explore and be the young children that they are. Tonight, we lived another example of what children will do when they are given time.

At the end of Katherine's bath tonight, I squeezed some water out of her hair before reaching for her towel. Ten minutes later, Katherine finally climbed from the tub after squeezing her hair, shaking her arms and rubbing her belly. She was determined to get totally dry without the use of her towel.

While this is not an experiment that any adult I know would take on, it meant the world to her at the time. And fortunately, I gave her the time. Who knows what she learned but I know it was much more than she would have learned if I had rushed her dry.


At November 9, 2010 at 6:54 AM , Blogger dlg said...

Most of my fondest childhood memories involve being left alone with my imagination and a wide-open afternoon. Just as water seeks its own level, kids will create balance in their lives if we parents will only stop worrying about where they need to go...and let them be.


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