Friday, September 24, 2010


Yesterday was Caroline's first day of Hip Hop. While that may sound like a post in and of itself, it is really what followed that was the most interesting.

During dinner, Caroline told us about each song the girls had danced to, asking to have the songs downloaded to the ipod.

When we were done eating, I stood up and brought my plate to the kitchen. By the time, I turned back into the dining room, I heard music coming from my computer. I looked up to see Caroline singing and dancing along with Selena Gomez to the song Round and Round.

In the time it had taken me to bring one plate into the kitchen, Caroline had googled, 'Selena Gomez Round and Round' and was watching the video on You Tube.

'Research computer safety' has been on my to do list for awhile now. It appears that I should perhaps move this item to the top of my list. And maybe to clear some time for myself, I can put 'download songs to ipod' on Caroline's to do list instead of mine...


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