Monday, September 6, 2010

Full House

In an ongoing effort to find appropriate tv for the girls to watch, we have stumbled on a gem. A while ago, someone told me that their kids were watching and loving Full House. And yes, the Full House from the 80's and 90's starring the Olsen twins.

After listening to rude comments, talk of kissing boys and disrespectful jokes at the expense of adults, I finally decided I had had it with the Disney channel. We searched and found out that Full House is indeed on tv and seemingly, on around the clock. Each day at tv time, the girls both are thrilled to choose yet another episode of Full House. It feels like a Full House marathon around here. Caroline talks of Michele and Jesse and the twins as if they are our neighbors.

Once the girls tire of Full House (if they ever do!), we already have episodes of the Cosby Show waiting in our DVR queue. For the moment, I feel like we really have beaten the system. We really have brought tv back to a simpler time, thanks to simpler shows.


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