Thursday, September 2, 2010

College in PJs

There are many reasons that I don't let the girls watch tons of tv. I've now added another to my list. Commercials. Over the summer, we have slowly and sadly (for me!) shifted away from Noggin and Playhouse Disney to channels that actually advertise more than their own shows.

Last night, when Katherine called me in to see something, you could hear the excitement in her voice. She was nearly jumping up and down as she told me she was going to go to college in her pjs. I caught the tail end of the commercial that had introduced to the concept of on-line college. I told her what a great idea this was given how much she loved her pajamas. To which she replied, "And how much I love you!"

To a four year old, what could be better than going to college and never having to leave the comfort of your jammies or your mommy...


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