Monday, October 11, 2010

A Bonus Day

Last week, my mother in law called to see how we would be spending our Columbus Day holiday. We brainstormed many options including a trip into the city but each choice had the possibility of lots of crowds and even more traffic. Suddenly, she had a brainstorm... the beach. We are only an hour away from the closest beach and we are all huge beach fans so...why not.
The girls were pretty confused but I explained that we could walk on the beach, build sandcastles and maybe even get ice cream.
And then the day arrived and it was sunny and seventy five degrees. As my mother in law explained as we all dipped our toes in the ocean, the girls in bathing suits, the day was what her uncle would have called a 'bonus day.'
And I know that I for sure will look back on this day when the snow won't stop falling this winter and remember that we did indeed get a bonus.


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