Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Weather

I am going to choose to ignore the weather that we had yesterday- 6 more inches of snow- and focus on last week. Last Friday, it was 60 degrees and all our snow boots were put away in favor of rain boots as rivers grew beside the sidewalks. Caroline and Katherine went on an Adventurers Walk with a friend, collecting sticks, rocks and leaves from the giant puddles that at formed at the foot of driveways.

When we returned home, the girls set up a museum, charging $2 admission. Each girl choose a surface and artistically displayed her treasures.

The whole afternoon reminded me of why children (and the adults in their lives) love spring and summer. Children (at least mine) are truly at their best out of doors. They thrive, grow and learn all with little or no effort. The fun is organic and happens without anyone blinking an eye.


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