Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Yankees!

The Yankees played their first spring training exhibition game this weekend. Caroline was ready. While she was actively involved in the hot stove league this winter, daily peppering Rob with questions about which players were staying on the team, nothing could compare to being able to watch a real game again.

After the game, Caroline spent a lot of time pouring over the team schedule and marking on our calendar which games we might be able to attend. The day closed with, as the sign above reads, a "Fancy Dinner in Celebration of the First Spring Training Game." We were all told to wear Yankee clothing- or in the case of me and Katherine, at least navy and white. We had name cards decorated with Yankee insignia. And we talked about the game and players throughout dinner.

Something makes me think this family may have a spring training trip in our future. I did ask Rob if it's pool weather in Tampa during spring training. Maybe Katherine and I will wear our navy and white bathing suits and splash in the pool while Rob and Caroline cheer on their favorite team.


At March 15, 2011 at 11:33 AM , Blogger dlg said...

My son's birthday gift to me is a trip to the Yankee game of my choice. He also gave me a Mariano Rivera T-shirt -- not because he's my favorite Yankee, but becasue last year he gave me an Andy Pettite shirt, which he thinks I will no longer wear anywhere but to the gym. As you know, he's 27 and has been a fan since he could walk. So be prepared for this to be your daughther's lifelong passion!


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