Thursday, May 8, 2008

So Confusing...

Why do I not know much about the cyclone in Myanmar?

At first, I felt really guilty- I kept reading headlines on the internet about the tens of thousands and now one hundred thousand people who have died there. I kept saying, 'I will watch the news tonight'- we tivo it for goodness sake, no excuse really... I never understood the moms who were so totally out of the news scene- really 10 minutes in front of the Today Show or the nightly news got you what you needed to know... have I really become one of those moms who doesn't even have 10 minutes?

I just sat down and watched last night's news on tivo- not really the best way to watch the news- you know, the day later, but better than nothing. Now I don't feel so personally and completely guilty. First of all, the story did not appear until 9 minutes into the show- our crazy political scene dominated those first precious minutes. So then I felt better about myself and blamed my lack of knowledge on the news. Then, I kept listening... aid is not being allowed in, new reporters are not being allowed in. The country is in a complete state of disorganization and as I kept listening, it is not the cyclone that has brought them there- this is a country with major issues. So now I don't feel so guilty myself and I don't have to be mad at Brian Williams- which is good because I really like the guy- apparently the government of Myanmar can carry a fair amount of blame as well.

I do though want to learn more- about this country- which seemed to have some pretty serious needs before this thing hit-as well as their terrible plight now. Ultimately, it is our job as citizens of this world to be informed so I am now off to read whatever I can find...


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