Saturday, July 12, 2008


Rob is back from a business trip. For many moms, this is not a big deal. I know moms whose husbands are gone more than they are home. For me, it's a big deal. Rob rarely travels. In fact, since moving to NJ nearly a year ago, this was Rob's first trip for work. Now, I know I work hard to keep our house running and to keep the girls happy. Whenever Rob is gone, however, I realize just how much he also does...Not that I don't appreciate him when he is here but...

Who knew... the garbage gets taken out 97 times a day, the dog poop gets pick up 5 times a day, the paper towel roll gets changed more than twice a week, the toilet paper does not show up magically in the basket, the dishes are taken off of the drying rack more than once a day, the windows are opened and closed scientifically depending on the temperature and the radar as monitored by the Weather Channel and on and on and on...

Welcome home Rob!


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