Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The other night we were at Rob's parents for dinner. His mom had made a delicious chicken dish so we were throwing around the word, 'chicken' more than usual. None of us remember exactly how it all transpired but suddenly I could see the little wheels in Caroline's head spinning. She asked a question about chicken feathers that led us all to realize that she thought the chicken we were eating shared only a name with our feathered friends. She had no idea that she had been eating real chickens all her life.

Until then. And then, she thought and thought and thought.

While she continued to eat that night and has eaten chicken since, the thoughtful look on face has convinced me that I will have a vegetarian child at some point sooner rather than later. Her mind has always gone the extra mile, thinking through things to a level that I don't even often go. I have always known that this will present challenges. It appears that one of my first challenges will be to master the mystery that is tofu.


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