Friday, December 5, 2008


I was just reading back through old writing notebooks. I am trying to pull together a piece for this fantastic on-line writing class that I am taking. Sometimes I can find ideas if I go back and read... today though I only found a reason to keep writing in my notebook.

On day last January, I wrote down a list of questions that Caroline had asked. I have no recollection of these- thank goodness I wrote them down!

Here goes:

1. Why did you say "How's life?"
2. How do you know they won't be there?"
3. Where does the poop and pee go?
4. How do the babies get out of the tummies?
5. Then where does the poop and pee go?
6. Why is the sun so hot?
7. What do you see in space?
8. How do you take an x-ray?
9. What do you do if you have to pee when you are having a baby?
10. What did Aunt Karen look like when she was little?
11. Was Gran'Dad's name Arthur?
12. You know that picture of you and your grandma?
13. Where did you get that necklace?
14. Could bees sting themselves?
15. What time is it in South America?


At December 5, 2008 at 5:03 PM , Blogger Feener said...

i assume you would recommend the on line class ? can you tell me a bit more about it ?? you can email me if you like feener44atgmaildotcom


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