Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Election

I should have written this post yesterday but I was so sleepy... Rob and I are typically asleep awfully early but we stayed up to hear O'Bama's speech and my eyes were so blurry..

I should say we tried to stay awake. In our cat napping, though we had one of the greatest moments of this historic (I know many people are tired of hearing this word but you just can't escape it!) and important campaign and election.

Around 10:30, we both drifted off. Shortly after 11pm, we heard shouting and cheering in our street. In looking out the window, we saw our teenage neighbors running, shouting and high fiving. "He won! He won! He won!", they cheered. At least one of these boys was one who in our year here, to the best of our knowledge has never smiled or made eye contact with us. He was celebrating in the street.

To me, this was the perfect way to end this campaign and to celebrate this election. Regardless of one's personal political opinions, a president-elect who can bring such eleation to such a sullen teenager is an inspiration.

Hopefully, the inspiration and the happiness will spread from our small block throughout our country. Hopefully, we will see more people who haven't smiled in a year, running and jumping through their streets. Hopefully, many more people will be woken from their sleep by cheering and joy.


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