Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Post- A week late...

As I was tidying up the house I discovered why it is so important to write things down. I always promise myself that I will keep a journal, blog everyday etc, etc, etc... Fortunately, I do, at least, write things down on scraps of paper and leave them all over the house.

On Christmas morning, the girls were saying things that I just knew needed to be remembered. I jotted things down as fast as I could on the back of the note that Santa left as thanks for his cookies and milk. Below are the words of the girls on Christmas morning.

Katherine: On opening her first present, "Look! A box!"

Caroline: "I even wanted this book!"

Caroline: "Look what I have? What do you have?"

Caroline: " Do you want to open this? It's from me."
Katherine: "That's very nice."

Caroline: "Do you want to open more presents?"
Katherine: While playing with her pretend ice cream set, "Not until I'm done with my ice cream?"

Caroline: "Is there anything else for me?"
Caroline: "Is there anything else for me?"
Caroline: "Is there anything else for me?"

Last year, the girls opened presents so fast and frantically that I'm sure they were sweating when they were done. I wasn't able to write thank you notes because packages were opened so fast and in such a frenzy that I was unable to keep track of what came from who. This year, the girls opened, looked, played, talked and then opened again.

It was a very merry Christmas.

And of course, because it took me a week to write this post, I will end my Christmas post by saying,

Happy New Year!


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