Friday, January 29, 2010


Rob is a natural athlete. Sports come easily to him. A college baseball player, there are few activities that he finds challenging. Twelve years ago, though, he retired from golf. After years of perfecting a baseball swing, he decided that it just couldn't be undone to master the golf swing. And Rob, being Rob, decided that if he couldn't be great at a sport, he should retire.

Rob's inability to master golf has bothered him since the day he stopped playing. When people asked him if he was a golfer, he'd pull out the retirement joke but I have always sensed that he didn't find it funny. Turns out I was right. Today, Rob went to an indoor golf center and took his first lesson.

Since returning home he has talked golf non-stop. About grips, swings, more lessons. Since he returned home I have thought golf non-stop. About money, Rob's time away from home playing golf, why women don't say they have to play golf on a warm and sunny Saturday morning leaving their husbands to fend for themselves for hours.

And then, the following: This high tech golf center has the ability to show Rob's swing, posture and grip on the computer screen. And they can split the screen to show the him how closely he matches Tiger. "You know," Rob says, "So that I can be more like Tiger."

And I was worried about too much time on the golf course...


At January 29, 2010 at 9:04 PM , Blogger sara mann said...

i could have written this post myself. chris, like rob, is a natural athlete. played baseball in college. picked up a tennis racket in his mid-20s for the first time and now routinely slaughters me on the court (and i've played most of my life.) and, like rob, the only sport he doesn't excel at is golf. thankfully, he acknowledged it, decided he would rather spend his $ and time doing other things than trying to improve, and actually sold his clubs at a yard sale a few years ago and has never looked back. hallelujah. i have absolutely zero interest in becoming a golf widow!


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