Monday, December 28, 2009


Thanks to my wonderful friend Sara (again!) I am motivated to start writing (again!).

She has also motivated me to start including pictures in my blog. I have to admit that pictures make it so much more fun. When I first started blogging, Rob and I decided that I wouldn't include pictures for "security reasons." I have decided though that so few people are reading (and that's just the way I like it- I have no real interest I've discovered in appealing to the masses) that pictures would really be just fine.

As I was typing, Rob started reading over my shoulder and said, "Oh great! You're writing the same post you write every few months. The 'I'm back!" post."

I guess I really don't have to fear that anyone is going to stumble upon pictures of my children.... Or if they do, it will only be every few months!


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