Thursday, September 24, 2009


Caroline is having a tough time adjusting to a new school. We are not terribly surprised given her general distaste for change but it is still unsettling. She is not separating well at the start of the day and is complaining about not wanting to go and not liking school throughout the afternoon and evening.

Yesterday though, we had a glimmer of hope. When Rob asked her how her day was she replied, "Great! Oh, I mean, bad!" She had this conversation as she busily drew line pictures, the topic of her art class yesterday.

Caroline has always loved to draw and create but for some reason, I have never really considered art to be one of her true loves. Art, though, is what she is connecting with in her new school. Yesterday she talked on and on about her class as she drew beautiful pictures. She told me that had started the class with a story about lines. When I guessed that it had been Harold and the Purple Crayon, she said "No but that would have been a good one." At one point, she even told us that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. I suppose this is not a huge leap from her previously chosen professions of "nail saloner" or "manicurer" but it was still exciting to hear.

As she drew and drew, first with colored pencil, then markers and crayons, she looked thoughtfully at her paper and said, "Where a line ends, a shape begins."

Maybe there is an artist-to-be in our house after all...


At October 8, 2009 at 2:31 PM , Blogger Holly Rutchik said...

just stopping in to say hi! I am in your writing class and wanted to check out your blog.
I love the short little reflections on life with 2 daughters! Mine are still so very little - but reading your entires about talents and sister love has me really looking forward to the days to come. Thanks!


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