Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, Caroline spent time organizing a "Chalk Marathon" on our sidewalk. The organization involved writing a list of participants along with activities they would engage in on the day of the marathon. All of her writing was done meticulously with sidewalk chalk.

The writing must have been tiring because when she was done, Caroline looked at me and said, "You must have to be really good at writing to write a chapter book."

Instead of reminding her that few people write chapter books with sidewalk chalk, I agreed with her... especially given the fact that I have been struggling lately to write my blog, a journal entry or even a sentence in my gratitude notebook.

As so often happens, the thoughts kept coming. "You would also have to like writing to write a chapter book. Because, you know, sometimes you can have a talent but not like it."

Wow. "Are there things you are good at that you don't like?" I asked.

I got a chuckle when her first response was "Singing and dancing." If anyone has ever seen Caroline dance, they will know that she is most definitely Rob's and my daughter and this means that dancing is, in fact, not one of her talents.

"Are there things you are good at that you also like?" I asked.

And then what a wonderful feeling for a mom who often worries that her daughter is too hard on herself, not confident enough, unsure of what a wonderful and talented person she is, to hear the long list of talents that Caroline believes she has... talents that she also likes...

Among items in a list too long for me to have remembered a day later were reading, writing, math, swimming and running.

And I suppose one day soon, she will be adding chalk marathoner to her list.


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