Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is...

*The day I got back in the swing of things after being in the city for the past three days for a fantastic speech therapy conference. I loved being surrounded by an inspirational teacher and wonderful classmates but it sure was nice to be home. Commuting into the city is not my cup of tea...

*A day to learn about play. The girls are huge pretend players which leaves one room messier than the one before. I love it philosophically but struggle sometimes with the chaos. I walked into a a room tonight and said something about the mess under my breath. Katherine looked very insulted and said, "I did not make a mess. Would you like to come to my store." What in my eyes was a mess, in her mind was her very own store front. Hopefully I will remember to see the fun in all the clutter.

*A day for cooking. As I was preparing dinner, Katherine asked if she could cook with me. Often, she is quite helpful. Peeling carrots is her speciality. Tonight though, she had a creative masterpiece in mind- cheese with butter melted together in the microwave. She stood staring at the buttons for a bit before asking me where the "Butter Button" was. When I looked confused, she said, "Like the popcorn button." Too bad the makers of the microwave did not see the need for a button pre-set to the temperature and time needed to melt cheese together with butter.


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