Sunday, March 1, 2009


This weekend marked Rob's grandmother's 90th birthday.

The girls are incredibly lucky. The people on Rob's side of the family seem to live forever. Rob grew up with many of his great grandparents. In fact, there are lots of pictures of him with them. Each time we look at these photos, Rob affectionately refers to the crew as "The Antiques." Aptly named, they stand with canes or walkers or sit in arm chairs surrounded by family.

Caroline and Katherine have three living great grandparents. Katherine was even born on her great grandfather's 90th birthday. This weekend, they gathered with family and celebrated the life of their great grandmother.

We had put together a book for Great Grandma chronicling our collective 90 favorite memories of her. As we worked on the book, I was awed by the history. Great Grandma learned of the bombing of Pearl Harbor during her wedding shower. I was awed by the detail of the memories. Rob's aunt's husband remembers eating 10 scrambled eggs for breakfast after his first night spent in the family's house. I was awed by the changes we have seen over time. Rob's mom remembers wearing the previous year's Easter dresses for Palm Sunday and brand new clothes, including hats and kid gloves, each Easter Sunday.

May we each have 90 birthdays and most importantly, may we each have families who can collect 90 wonderful memories of us.


At March 3, 2009 at 1:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey .. I read your blog today and it reminded me how fabulous of a writer and person you are and that I miss my writing self which was perhaps connected to my fabulous self ... if i ever had that part of me ... jury is still out ... so I wrote on my blog today for the first time in a year ... send my regards to the birthday boy `doro


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