Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Mind of a Two Year Old

Katherine continues to amaze me. I have never seen a more classic case of the terrible twos. Perhaps because Caroline started showing signs of the terrible twos at 15 months (or maybe at 15 days!), I had deluded myself into thinking that perhaps Katherine, while still so pleasant at two and half, might be skipping the stage completely.

I was terribly, terribly wrong. Here is a strange glimpse into life with a two year old.

Yesterday: Katherine, happy and wise beyond her years said to me as I touched a hot pan and shouted in pain, "Mom, you should have worn the glove." Umm, thanks.

Today: Katherine, grumpy and evil, as I gave her a drink in a clean glass when she wanted a drink in a dirty glass, threw herself to the ground where she cried while pounding her fists and feet on the floor for a solid half hour. No kidding.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring...


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