Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Power of Reading

It is hard to describe the level of temper tantruming raging through our house these days. We have been trying, on and off (probably the problem, I know, I know...), to potty train Katherine for a few weeks now. She turned three in April so it is more than time. For some reason, Katherine has decided now to let us know that she is not a shrinking violet. She will not use the potty and is clearly having fits of rebellion. I'm talking about 45 minutes of straight crying and screaming, multiple times a day...

The one way I have found to snap her out of it, believe it or not, is by reading. I will hold her forcibly on my lap, through minutes of kicking and screaming, reading the whole time. Eventually, she calms down and begins to listen. There may still be a few bursts left in her but typically by the time I have finished the book, she is calm and jumps off my lap to grab another title.

This morning the crying began as Katherine woke at 6am. I had very little fight in my at that time and apparently, not much brainstorming either. I let her carry on for quite a long time... checking in, asking her what was wrong every so often.

After about thirty minutes of this routine, I had crawled back under my covers in defeat. I turned my head a few minutes later to see Katherine, climbing up on to my bed, still crying, with a book under her arm. She held it out to me and sat on my lap. She calmed down immediately and was ready to start her day.

I would be lying if I said we had no more fits this morning but that one at least was quieted, again, with a book. A book brought to me by the temper tantrumer herself.


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