Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I haven't posted here in 5 weeks. I had pretty much thrown in the towel. I wasn't able to write as often as I wanted so I stopped. I had taken the perfectionist route and felt like if I wasn't writing every day or at least every week day, that it just wasn't worth it.

And then I started reading my friend Sara's wonderful blog. I haven't talked to Sara in ages and hadn't checked her blog in a long time either. As I sat reading, I was thrilled to be 'catching up' with her and her adorable family. And then I looked at her past post list. Over this year, she has never written less than six posts per month but never more than nine. And each one of them was so worth the writing and the reading. If she hadn't written, I wouldn't have known about their fabulous trip on Amtrack or their huge family reunion or her son's love affair with a friend's Wii. What wonderful memories to have captured for her family and friends.

Now... knowing Sara, she has a schedule for this thing. I would bet that she writes on Mondays and Wednesdays. And I bet that she has 'write blog post' written on her calender in a specific color and I bet that she does it each time and I bet that she checks it off on her calendar in another specific color.

I am going to learn from my friend that you can be a perfectionist without setting unrealistic expectations for your perfectionist self. And in doing so, you can record funny, endearing and memorable moments.