Friday, February 27, 2009

Could she be more two...

So I have obviously been rather overwhelmed by the tasks of my every day. Getting to this blog has been much harder than it should be... I am currently in the process of removing myself from so many of the comittments that have been crowding my day. When we first moved to NJ, I said yes to everything in an attempt to meet people. I am now purging so that I have time to breath.

One of the committments that is taking an awful lot of my time (and one that I suppose I will keep on my plate) is raising our two year old. Katherine entered the world as such a happy and placid baby. Thank goodness I remember this because it gives me hope that we are truly in a phase- that my happy, laid back girl will return. Right now, however, my terrible two, is living up to the stereotype. And as if development were not enough of a challenge, Katherine is also in the process of dropping her nap. So we have a tired, terrible two. You can imagine and if you can't read below...

A few days ago, Katherine wanted to bring a snack cup with us in the car when we left to pick up Caroline. I, like the silly mother I seem to be, put the snack cup into my purse. Katherine had an absoulte meltdown. "Me, me, me!" We've been down this road enough for me to realize quickly that she wanted to put the cup into my purse herself. I, like the silly mother I still am, put the purse and the snack cup on the floor so that she could accomplish this task easily.

After a ten minute meltdown, Katherine finally did what she had, apparently, hoped to do all along. She convinced me to put my purse back up on the hook where I keep it (so as not to loose it.) She took the stool from the kitchen. She reached up to place the cup in the purse herself. And upon realizing that she still couldn't reach, she asked me to put the cup in my purse. I did not point out to her that this was exactly what I had done ten minutes earlier and all was well.

Could she be more two?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Barack Live

A few months ago we took the girls to see their first overly commercialized stage show- Playhouse Disney Live. I was disgusted and they were in love. Shortly after the show, they spied an advertisement in the newspaper for Dora Live which will be playing in New York City this spring. Caroline, being the overly observant little thing that she is, noticed that the performance would be taking place around the same time as Katherine's third birthday. Caroline understands that we will not be going to shows like this very often. Therefore, she has been stating frequently what a great birthday treat Dora Live would be for a little girl who loves Dora.

Needless to say, Katherine has been paying attention and has chimed in frequently that she would love to see Dora Live.

This morning, I caught a short segment on the Today Show about a book that the New York Times has recently published. The book features photographs of Barack Obama along the campaign trail. As Katherine watched all the images of Obama flash on the screen, she asked, "Can we go to Obama Live? How do you think we'll be able to get tickets?"

Now, that's a show we would go to... birthday or not!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So, I won't bother with the excuses. I haven't written for a long time. Perhaps the exchange described below will serve as explanation.

While I feel very lucky to be a stay at home mom, I seriously miss the ability to complete a task. Even the smallest tasks are interrupted more times than I can count before completion. Tonight, I made a yummy vegetable barley soup. I decided I would copy the recipe (that I had found in the Cooking Light magazine) onto a recipe card. Simple right? I was interrupted so many times trying to copy this simple recipe that I stood up, found Rob and began to complain about my inability to complete a task.

Of course, I was unable to complete my complaint. I'm sure you can guess why.

I was interrupted...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a winter...

This past week has been full of colds, coughs, fevers, sinus infections and pink eye. Today, I picked Caroline up early from school because she was complaining of a tummy ache. Maybe Spring will be here soon...