Monday, November 29, 2010


Today I opened Caroline's backpack to discover a writing exercise she had completed in school titled, "I'm Thankful for..." Below you will read the categories her teacher provided followed by Caroline's responses.

I'll let her writing do the talking with only a few little interjections on my part...

I'm Thankful For...

My friends: I am thankful for my friend Maeve becuae she is not bossy.

Nice things others have done: I am thankful when my sister leaves me alone. (Pretty sure this isn't what her teacher was going for...)

Animals and pets: I am thankful for my cat because I love when he purrs.

People to love: My mom because she lets me stay up late. (Um...).

Food and treats: Pizza, cookies, cheeseburgers, candy, ice cream and brownies

My favorite color: Light blue

My favorite song: Dynamite

Weekend fun: I am thankful for weekends so I can have sleepovers.

Trips I've enjoyed: I am thankful for having a beach house in LBI (Imagine what she might have said if we actually had a house and didn't only rent for one week!).

Books, toys and games: I am thankful for my american girl doll.

The best things about home: My bedroom and the living room.

TV and movies: I am thankful for the Beezus and Ramona movie.

Outdoors: I am thankful for my backyard.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Friday, November 12, 2010


So just when I get super lazy with this blog, one of the girls says something that is just so 'blog worthy' that it reminds my why I write this stuff down...

A few days ago, I'd had one of those days that went on forever. The girls typically get along so beautifully that when we have a day of bickering, it just drives me batty. I was clearly getting very frustrated before Katherine said,

"Why did you sign up to be a mom when you were a kid? Did you think it would be easy?"

Really... I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A little pumpkin carving...

Loving our costumes...

Trick or treating... Notice Katherine leading the pack of big kids- she loves her candy! And finally, the witch goes off to work her magic... Everyone beware!