Thursday, January 6, 2011

Footy Pajamas

My one word resolution for this year is 'trust.' It was a word that literally just appeared in my brain when I wondered what my word could be. I'm still not sure how it is going to manifest itself this year but I do know that I am calling on it already.

In my continued Murphy's Law life, as Caroline is sleeping later (finally!!), Katherine is beginning to get up earlier. This morning, I was sitting in the kitchen with Katherine initially feeling upset that once one is sleeping, the other one is up. Then, not to get too hippy dippy on you, I saw the word 'trust' in my mind. Trust that this is what needs to be happening right now. Trust that Katherine needs a little bit of alone time with Mom right now before her day gets going.

I looked at Katherine in all her footie pajama cuteness and decided that we don't have enough pictures of the every day things. I pulled out the camera and Katherine jumped up to pose. I do believe that only a four year old can give such a big smile before six in the morning...

And then as if Katherine had read my mind, she asked me to take a picture of her footie pajamas. No kidding. It was like I had said aloud what I know I hadn't. So I shot the picture below of Katherine admiring her footies.

So I guess I was right to trust that this morning was the morning to be grateful for footie pajamas...


At January 6, 2011 at 8:23 PM , Blogger sara mann said...

oh my ... i'm still wrapping my head around the fact that it's DARK outside when you took these pictures!


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