Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

To welcome in the new year, we completed our second annual New Year's Interview from one of my favorite bloggers, Teach Mama.

And in case you find yourself getting a tad bit bored along the way, hang in there. One of Katherine's answers towards the end makes it worth the read...

What is your favorite color:

Stacey- purple

Rob- blue

Caroline- light blue


What is your favorite toy:

Stacey- iPad

Rob- Kindle

Caroline- American Girl Dolls

Katherine- American Girl Dolls

How do you like to spend your time:

Stacey- reading

Rob-playing golf

Caroline- reading/writing

Katherine- drawing

What is your favorite holiday:

Stacey- Christmas

Rob- Christmas

Caroline- Christmas

Katherine- Christmas

Who is your teacher:

Stacey- I think I need to find one :)

Rob- Bob

Caroline- Mrs. Sickles

Katherine- Mrs. Jain and Ms. DePalo

Who is your best friend:

Stacey- Rob

Rob- Stacey

Caroline- Loretta

Katherine- Ruby

What is your favorite song:

Stacey- Down Easter Alexa

Rob- Firefiles

Caroline- Dynomite

Katherine- Three Little Birds

What is your favorite book:

Stacey- The Hunger Games (this year)

Rob- Open

Caroline- Harry Potter

Katherine- Dora Goes Camping

What did you love about last year:

Stacey- my literacy presentations

Rob- fun vacations

Caroline- class parties

Katherine- eating lots of hot dogs

What do you look forward to next year:

Stacey- Writing more

Rob- fun vacations

Caroline- 3rd grade

Katherine- the school fair


At January 1, 2011 at 10:30 PM , Blogger sara mann said...

i did laugh at the "eating lots of hot dogs" comment. (i assume that's the one you meant!)
i've been meaning to read "the hunger games". my book club chose "the maze runner" over it, though, so i'm immersed in it at the moment. another great YA choice if you haven't read it yet.


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