Friday, June 6, 2008


A few weeks ago I began a nutrition program. This was really brand new for me. I have simply never really paid attention to what I have eaten. I have always been blessed with a speedy metabolism. This has given me free range to eat whatever seemed yummy. I always thought I was doing ok- I ate mostly organic foods, rarely ate tons in one sitting and didn't do a lot of fast food. I was fine, right?

Wrong! I had been doing a lot of reading lately into what foods can do to our moods. I have realized that five years into this sleep deprivation thing, I needed to find another way to deal with my crankiness. I started to think that Katherine was never going to stop teething. And I was pretty sure that Caroline was never going to be a late sleeper. I needed to find something else to help me boost my energy and my happiness. What I have discovered in reading and talking with Jen is that the answer is right in front of me and has been the whole time- no guilt though!

I've realized that I have been eating tons of refined sugar, lots of refined, white flour foods and no greens. My body has been on a constant roller coaster of cravings- sweet to salt, salt to sweet never finding a happy balance. I have also been depriving my body of the vitamins and minerals that are designed to give it energy.

In just two weeks, I have done a pretty good job at curbing my senseless snacking- the animals crackers and pretzels while organic, have not necessarily been my healthiest choice. I have also added in tons of greens- simple things like spinach and lettuce. I have made recipes incorporating greens. I have made my own salad dressings so my salads are yummy and I actually eat them.

So simple. So obvious. And so helpful. Two weeks later, I have ruled out the placebo effect. I feel better. The girls are still up to their night time antics so I am still tired but I am not exhausted. I do no crash in the early afternoon. I can stay up past 8:30. And most importantly, I am less cranky. I am happier to be with myself and I am sure the girls are happier to be with me.

More to come as I continue to eat my veggies!


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