Friday, June 19, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Rob arrived home as I was doing the dinner dishes last night.

I had just finished cleaning up Katherine's third potty accident of the day. Prior to that I had discovered the remnants of a 'stew' that Caroline and a friend had made during an afternoon play date. Apparently, the mixture of nail polish remover and kitty litter straight from the litter box was intended for the friend's big brother- a 'gift' of sorts. I had found the stew all over the house in various small containers. Behind Caroline's bed, on a chair in the basement, under the dining room table.

When I asked Rob if he was ready for dinner- a homemade pasta primavera that I had whipped up while stew was being created- he said he would have a little. He wasn't too hungry because a client had taken him to Morton's Steakhouse for a delicious lunch.

And I laughed because really what else was there to do...


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