Wednesday, January 12, 2011


More snow. Again. I am feeling like it will easily be March before we see grass again. March before the girls can go our for recess or play in anything other than snow pants. Katheirne is starting to find open spaces at places like our chiropractor's office to run in circles. She is like our dog, Jenny, not quite sure what to do with all her extra energy. Despite getting close to a foot of snow, I looked out the window this morning and felt like the girls could have gone to school today. After our nearly two foot storm a few weeks back, today's snow looked like merely a dusting. While I do not like the cold or the feeling of being trapped in our houses until we shovel ourselves out, I do like the calm. The slowness. The deep levels of play that the girls invest in when given so much uninterrupted time. Perhaps we can take the lessons of this snow-filled winter and slow ourselves down. Without all the white stuff to make us do it.


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