Friday, January 14, 2011


I was sitting down to write about our week with doctors. Caroline went ice skating on Saturday for the first time and by Sunday afternoon she couldn't put any pressure on her right leg. After visits to the pediatrician, chiropractor and finally orthopedist, we've determined she has inflammation of the fluid around her right hip. This can be brought on by overuse injuries or by a fall. It's been a tricky week and her pain and stress have been a bit contagious.

Then, as I was sitting down, I remembered that I hadn't seen a Facebook update from a friend whose daughter was having a MRI this week. This little girl was a client of mine for a brief time this summer due to language issues she was having following a brain tumor and two surgeries a year ago. I went and found the update and it's not good. Her cancer is back. So, suddenly my post about doctors seemed pretty unnecessary.

If you are the praying type please pray. If you are the 'sending good thoughts' type please do that too.

And of course, give your little ones extra big hugs today.


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