Friday, June 13, 2008



Books seem to be my theme this week but I am so darn excited. As a reading specialist and more importantly, a life long book lover, I just couldn't be happier. Both of my girls just love to read- to themselves, to each other, with me and Rob.

I knew that Caroline would love to read- I read to her in uetero. As the second child, I wasn't sure where Katherine was going to fall on the spectrum. She heard books when she was little bitty but they were more the books that she overheard me reading to Caroline. Somehow, books just weren't the focus of her young, young months the way they were of Caroline's.

Now though, I know it is going to be ok. Just this week, Katherine climbed onto my lap, book in hand and said, "Mommy, I love this book." Yesterday, we couldn't stop reading that slightly off color but funny and appropriate title, "No David!" and this morning, she insisted that Caroline read "I Don't Like Gloria" to her while she ate her breakfast. I heard Caroline plead, "Can I just finish my breakfast first?" To which Katherine replied, "No, read!"
All is right with the world...


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