Sunday, June 8, 2008


"I love you Liney."

As the girls shared their traditional Sunday pancakes this morning, Katherine kept saying, "I love you Liney." She said it over and over again. Caroline, almost always the good big sister, kept saying, "I love you too Katherine." Of course, Katherine equally often would say, "Liney, eat more pancakes." but the love was still in the air.

As an only child, I often wished for a sister (Mom, don't get upset!). Someone to share with, to play with and even at times to argue with. This week, I heard the most incredible sister story and wished again. An acquaintance of mine has recently moved. She told a group us about the family who bought their house. Their neighbor has a sister. The sister bought their house. Two sisters, who have always wanted to raise their families side by side, are going to do it. They are doing major yard renovations to connect their backyards. They will share back yards- their children walking seamlessly from one to the other. One would assume that their back doors would always be open, that their children would share desserts, share band aids and share childhoods.

This is what I wish for my girls. That thirty years from now, Katherine will still be saying, "I love you Liney." and they will pass the pancakes across their back yard fences.


At June 9, 2008 at 10:40 AM , Blogger Ginny Gill said...

That is the most wonderful image. Thank you for giving me that this morning. it does however bring tears to my eyes because my sister and I are very close and have lived close for most of our lives and she is moving in two weeks. She will now be 8 1/2 hours away........SADNESS........


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