Monday, June 16, 2008


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I always felt like Caroline started talking the second she was born. Not entirely true of course but she was awfully verbal, awfully early. Katherine, on the other hand, was much slower to get going. Perhaps that's why it's so fascinating hearing her talk these days.

Just yesterday, Rob asked the age old question, "Do you think she's always had these thoughts and can just get them out now?" Who knows but she sure is cute. As is her personality, most of her comments are funny, light hearted and to the point. Even when upset, she seems to state the fact and provide a solution. Here's a smattering of some recent and funny comments- especially funny when you remember that she is just two...

While climbing onto my lap with a book: I love this book, Mommy!

After hearing a loud clap of unexpected thunder, looking up at Rob who was sitting on the couch: Uh, oh. I don't like that noise. Sit on couch.

Leaving the pool: I like this day, Mommy.

It really is wonderful when they leave that world of constantly labeling- truck, book, red and can actually give you their opinion, their thoughts, their actual emotions.

Remind me of this when the "NO!" phase starts...


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